Patient Testimonials

Peter L

Not enough can be said or written regarding the excellent care and professionalism my family has received from Dr. Gostovich and her staff. Any and all questions and concerns are addressed immediately and respectfully. Everyone in the office appears to have a great relationship with all the patients, and the atmosphere is always friendly and clean. I don’t know how many people can say they do not mind going to the dentist?!? One of our main concerns was to find a doctor that my children are comfortable with. Comfort is an issue you need not worry about with Dr Gostovich. We would, without a doubt, highly recommend her services.


I am 27 years old and I decided to get Incognito braces to give me the confidence to smile proudly at my upcoming wedding. After multiple consultations with Orthodontists in the general area, I found Dr. Gostovich who is the most charismatic, intelligent and compassionate Orthodontist. I enjoy going to the office for my appointments because the atmosphere is clean and the staff is so friendly and professional. I’m so impressed with the changes in my smile since getting my Incognito braces only 6 months ago and I can’t wait to see my final result. Thanks to Dr. Gostovich I am confident that I will have a radiant smile all day at my wedding!!!!

Larry Y

I was so impressed with the beautiful and immaculate office. Dr Gostovich and her staff displayed such knowledge and professionalism when I brought my daughter in for her 1st consultation. She is truly honest about the treatment and explains everything to the patients and their parents. My wife and I are so happy with the service that we receive at every single visit performed by Dr. Gostovich herself. We recommend Dr. Gostovich to everyone we know. I love the small intimate feel of the office. We love her and her staff, they are awesome with all of the patients. I would highly recommend her to all.


Having myself, my two daughters AND their grandmother in treatment with Dr.Gostovich, we couldn’t be happier with her and her staff. This is not an assembly line orthodontic office as most are. This is a very clean and comfortable office where only Dr.G. will treat her patients one at a time. We are all “SMILING” because of her: ) We highly recommend Dr.Gostovich!