Braces? For Adults?…YES!

In spite of a common misassumption that braces are just for children; every day, more adults are choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment to achieve the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted. Maybe you didn’t have braces as a kid and are now embarrassed by your crooked teeth. Perhaps you had braces 20 years ago and then stopped wearing your retainer, which allowed your teeth to shift. Whatever the reason for your present-day misaligned smile, wearing braces as an adult is an excellent way to give you that beautiful, straight smile you desire AND deserve.

Yet, even as an adult, hearing that one little word, braces, can send us right back to those days in middle school or junior high; an awkward phase of “trendy” haircuts and clothing, goofy glasses, and a mouthful of metal braces to complete that gawky, adolescent look. (We all have those horrible school photos as proof that we really DID look like that!)

Now, with recent advances in orthodontic technology, there are several choices for adults who want or need braces, but are still hesitant to take that first step towards a dazzling new smile!

Your braces options…there are several!
The first, basic option is the traditional metal braces. These braces are the best option for people who have severely crooked teeth or a significant malocclusion (bite problem), or require additional major orthodontic treatment. Metal braces are typically the least-expensive option. The biggest drawback for an adult wearing metal braces is their appearance. Many people find them unattractive and/or distracting.

If you are concerned about your professional appearance, clear ceramic braces might be the better option. Clear braces are able to correct very crooked teeth, or bite problems, but they will cost more than metal braces. You also will need to be mindful about smoking, drinking red wine, fruit juices, sodas, coffee or other dark beverages, while wearing clear braces. Any of these can stain the adhesive that is used to bind the brackets to your teeth.
(No matter what option you choose for orthodontic treatment, practicing good oral health is essential!)

Another popular option for adults who choose braces is a clear aligner treatment, like Invisalign