To the Patients of TG Orthodontics, 

Our office closed for elective care (non-emergency appointments) on Monday, March 16th and will be closed until we are allowed to reopen. I want all of our patients to know that once the office re-opens, we will get you rescheduled as soon as possible.

Since we may not be able to see you on your scheduled appointment date:

  • IF you are wearing rubber bands, cut back your elastic wear to night time only (just wear the rubber bands to bed at night) until we see you again.
  • IF you have a broken bracket, stop your rubber band wear altogether.
  • IF you are turning an appliance every day, please stop turning the appliance on the date you were instructed to stop and do nothing further until we can see you in the office.
  • IF you are turning an appliance on a weekly basis, stop all turns until you can be seen in the office for an evaluation.
  • IF you need wax or rubber bands, call our office and we will leave it for you outside the office door in a marked bag.
  • IF you lose a spacer, do not worry. We will replace it once the office reopens.
  • IF you are ready to get your braces off, UNFORTUNATELY, we will have to wait until it is safe to do so. We will call you to schedule as soon as we can.

Please remember to avoid hard, sticky or chewy foods with your bonded orthodontic appliances as they can cause damage and breakage at a time when it is difficult to see you in the office for repairs.

These are trying times for everyone. We wish you all good health and can’t wait to see you all again as soon we can.

Best personal regards,

Dr. Tara Gostovich

Dr. Tara Gostovich & Staff