Incognito Premier Provider Dr. Tara Gostovich

Dr. Tara Gostovich has been providing Lingual braces on the tongue side of the teeth to patients for years. Incognito is one of the newest technologies for lingual braces and it offers faster treatment time and a more comfortable experience than previous versions of lingual braces. The Incognito system is fully customized by Dr. Gostovich to create a smile that is natural and in perfect harmony with your face. Schedule a complimentary consultation to find out more about Incognito today.

Incognito Hidden Braces have a unique design and fit. They are contoured to hug the lingual (or tongue-side) surface of your teeth for optimal comfort and performance. They are designed one patient at a time and one tooth at a time so no two brackets are exactly alike.

What are Incognito Hidden Braces?


Incognito Hidden Braces is a new way to straighten your teeth. This technology was developed in 2001. These braces attach to the lingual or tongue side of your teeth instead of the facial (or front) side. Incognito Hidden Braces are invisible to the outside world. Only you know that you are wearing braces.

Incognito Hidden Braces use custom-made brackets that fit only your teeth. Each bracket molds to the tooth surface providing optimal comfort and performance. No two brackets are alike. The wires are designed and bent using robotic technology so they will move your teeth efficiently and effectively.
No other lingual braces offer the comfort and performance of Incognito Hidden Braces.

How are Incognito Hidden Braces made?

  1. Preparation
    We take very precise impressions of your teeth and send your impressions along with our prescription to Incognito. They use the impressions to pour models and fabricate brackets and wires to adapt to your teeth.
  2. Making Your Customized Incognito Hidden Braces.
    Incognito Hidden Braces uses new CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping technologies to design and fabricate your customized Hidden Braces with a highly durable dental gold alloy. A set of precision wires is also designed and then bent using robotic technology created by OraMetrix.
  3. Getting Your New Hidden Braces.
    Your custom-made braces usually arrive at our office six to eight weeks after your impressions are taken. We use a very precise process for preparing your teeth in order to attach your new braces (brackets). After your braces are placed, you need to return for monitoring and progress appointments every eight to ten weeks until we complete your treatment.

Why choose Incognito Hidden Braces?

  • Incognito is completely aesthetic and non visible to most people.
  • Minimal discomfort and speech interference.
  • Customized to fit your teeth for best results.
  • Customized wires that do not require adjustments mean fewer appointments and less discomfort throughout treatment.
  • Your treatment may finish sooner.
  • You see immediate results with Incognito Hidden Braces.

Who can wear Incognito Hidden Braces?

Most teens and adults who have all their permanent teeth should be able to wear Hidden Braces. During your FREE CONSULTATION, we will recommend the best treatment modality for you.

What is the advantage of Incognito Hidden Braces?

Hidden Braces are customized to fit each individual tooth. No two are alike. Other lingual braces are not customized but are a generic prescription that many times requires frequent adjustment. Hidden Braces are up to 70% smaller than other lingual braces making them more comfortable with less tongue irritation and less impact on speech. It is easier to maintain good oral hygiene. A gold alloy is used to make the brackets, which reduces the risk of nickel-related allergies. The custom fit reduces the risk of detaching brackets, which reduces the number of emergency appointments required to re-bond them.

Do I need to be referred?

No, you do not need to be referred by a general dentist. If you have concerns about the health or appearance of your or your child’s teeth, smile, or facial development and would like a FREE ORTHODONTIC CONSULTATION, call our office now or schedule an appointment now.

Do we still need to see our family dentist?

Yes, you still need to see your general dentist for check-ups and cleanings. Patients with braces or other orthodontic appliances can find it difficult to keep their teeth clean. Your family dentist will advise you as to how often to come in for check-ups.

What foods do I have to avoid?

Fortunately, there are only a few foods that should be avoided while in braces – primarily hard foods and sticky foods. For example, foods such as peanut brittle and candied apples can not only be very difficult to clean from braces but can even loosen bands and brackets or break them and bend or break the arch wires. There are many more foods that you can eat than those you can’t.

How long will the treatment last?

There are a number of factors that determine how long you will wear braces, but in most cases you’ll be ready to show off your new smile in about 18-24 months. With today’s modern orthodontic appliances and techniques, treatment is getting faster, easier and more comfortable for the patient all the time. Braces are used to straighten your teeth gradually, not overnight, so a little patience is needed. Just remember, any discomfort you may feel will be brief. Your beautiful, healthy smile, however, will last a lifetime.

Will a retainer be necessary?

Wearing a retainer after braces is an important step, because it keeps the teeth stable after the active orthodontic appliance is removed at the end of treatment. Without retainers, your teeth would return to their old “crooked ways.” If you want your teeth to remain in their ideal positions for the rest of your life, it would be best to wear a retainer that long. Some retainers can be put in permanently. The ideal one is made of a clear plastic removable material that fits on your teeth like a glove on your hand that can be worn at home and while you are sleeping. Retainers are the cheapest form of insurance around. If you lose your retainer, it is cheaper to replace it IMMEDIATELY than to do your orthodontic treatment over again.

How do I schedule my first appointment?

1. Schedule an appointment online OR
2. Click on Contact Us where you’ll find the phone, fax, email address and map.

How much is the initial consultation?

Your initial consultation is FREE, because we consider it to be an important first step in your orthodontic health and a great opportunity to welcome you into our family.

What about costs?

The total cost varies for each person depending on the complexity of the orthodontic problem. Because our modern materials and techniques often require fewer visits, you might be surprised how affordable your orthodontic treatment can be. A beautiful, healthy smile is one of the best investments you can make in your or your child’s future. To help you fit this investment into your budget, we offer a variety of payment methods:
• In-house financing with no interest, an appropriate down payment and the remaining balance paid over your treatment time.
• Outside financing that offers no down payment and low monthly fees paid over your treatment time.
• Payment in full with a courtesy bookkeeping discount.
• Automatic Credit Card payments. All major credit cards accepted.
• Most major insurance plans accepted. We will fill out the necessary paperwork for you.
During your initial FREE CONSULTATION, our Treatment Coordinator will be happy to explain all the financial options to you and work with you on customizing a payment plan that fits your needs.