What can I do to help my Orthodontic treatment?

This is a common question! We don’t take offense…we understand that patients are eager to complete their orthodontic treatment. It’s a great day and a great feeling when your braces come off!

During your initial consultation with Dr. Tara Gostovich, we will outline a custom treatment plan for you and will do out best to give you a timeline of when we expect you to complete orthodontic treatment.

However, each patient is different. People have different biological responses to orthodontic treatment and some people’s teeth may move faster than others.

There are some things you can control, to help allow orthodontic treatment be completed in a timely manner. By following these suggestions, you can avoid any setbacks during your treatment.

  • Make sure to keep your adjustment appointments. Postponing or cancelling will delay treatment!
  • Be sure to show up on time to your appointments.
  • When prescribed, make sure you are diligent about wearing rubber bands or other appliances.
  • Avoid damage to your braces and teeth by wearing a mouth guard during sports activities.
  • Make sure to brush and floss regularly! Gum disease or other dental work can delay orthodontic treatment.
  • Make sure to avoid foods that are bad for orthodontic treatment